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Things To Pack On An Alaskan Winter Vacation

Things To Pack On An Alaskan Winter Vacation

Icon January 6, 2014
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Packing for an Alaskan VacationAlaska is one of the most beautiful states in the U.S. with its picturesque scenery, beautiful land, and amazing people. It is a great destination for many cruise companies and a popular state for nature lovers. However, along with the state’s awesome beauty comes snow, ice, and very cold temperatures that tourists need to be prepared to face.

There are tons of exciting ways to enjoy the breathtaking wonders of nature, while visiting and touring Alaska, but keeping warm and comfortable is highly important to a traveler’s enjoyment. There are essential items that a traveler needs to pack and take with them, when visiting the Last Frontier, which is Alaska’s well-deserved nickname.

Your Alaskan Winter Vacation Packing List:

Proper clothing is most important. Packing clothing that can be layered, is vital to keeping warm in the Alaskan climate. Long underwear, waterproof outerwear, and fleece clothing, are great items for cold wet weather.

Protection from the sun is a must, when traveling to Alaska in the wintertime. Most people are not aware that the sun is closest to the earth in the winter. Don’t allow the bitter cold temperatures to fool you. A good sunscreen should always be used when walking, hiking, and touring outdoors. Alaska also has a lot of unoccupied land, which means no buildings or skyscrapers to block the sun’s magnificent rays.

Comfortable shoes with great traction, and good support are needed for touring and hiking the hills of this great state. Sightseeing will be a lot more fun and relaxing when your feet are warm, dry, and comfortable.

Good socks may seem trivial, however, when you are dealing with the type of weather that can affect Alaska in the wintertime; warm wool socks that fit comfortably inside of hiking shoes and boots, will be a savior for your feet.

A backpack will come in handy while hiking or touring. It’s a safe place to keep food and supplies, even a small first aid kit. Backpacks will make all your necessary items much easier to carry while sightseeing.

Most hotels and touring companies may be equipped with some items needed on your travels, especially emergency items, such as bandages, ointments, and insect repellent. But it is always a wise idea to pack as many personal items as possible, just in case there is something you need that is not provided for you while enjoying your travels away from home.

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