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Touren & sightseeing in
Fairbanks, zum Denali Park & Polarkreis .

The Top Reasons to Visit Fairbanks, Alaska

The Top Reasons to Visit Fairbanks, Alaska

Icon October 7, 2015
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Northern LightsThough Alaska may be one of the most remote states in the U.S., it is the largest state according to square mileage, and has some of the most beautiful vantage points and views that cannot be seen from anywhere else in the world. It is not very populated, but to its advantage, Alaska holds many different types of tours, trips, and sights to be seen in person, not just in pictures. For people not living in Alaska, a trip to one of the gems of the United States could easily be a trip of a lifetime.


  • Aurora light display – because of Alaska’s unique location, people in the area are able to see special views that are not able to seen from many other places.
    • The aurora light display which can be seen beyond our solar system for the first time can be visualized from Alaskan soil
  • Chena Hot Springs
  • Ice Museum
  • Tour the Arctic Circle
  • The famous Aurora Borealis – watch from specialized viewing lodges to get a unique view only seen from Alaskan territory
  • View the environment of Alaska while on an authentic dog sled or from the ocean while ice fishing

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