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Are you ready for some A-Moose-Ing facts?

Are you ready for some A-Moose-Ing facts?

Icon March 1, 2018
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Most people who visit Alaska are interested in our diverse wildlife. While we can never guarantee animal sightings, we do frequently spot moose on several of our tours. Whether we are traveling to the Arctic Circle or Chena Hot Springs or going to view the Aurora Borealis or simply driving around looking at all the things to do in Fairbanks, we have encountered these huge creatures. It never gets old stopping to take photos of these animals and for many of our guests, this is their first time seeing a moose!



So, in celebration of Alaska’s state land mammal, here are some quick facts about moose:

Moose are the largest member of the deer family.

The Alaska-Yukon Moose is the largest moose

Moose are most abundant in recently burned areas that have young new growth of willow, birch, aspen, on timberline plateaus and along major rivers.

The skin fold under a Moose’s chin is called a dewlap or a bell.

Coloration can range from golden brown to almost black. Coloration can vary throughout the season and based on age.

Adult males can weigh between 1,200 – 1,600 pounds while adult females can weigh between 800 -1,300 pounds

Only male (bull) moose have antlers. Females (cows) do not grow antlers.

Calves stay with their mother for 12 months.


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