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Experiencing The Northern Lights From Around The Globe

Experiencing The Northern Lights From Around The Globe

Icon October 14, 2013
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The natural phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis, otherwise known as the Northern Lights, has been discussed in great detail in previous posts. While we can’t get enough of talking about our passion for this truly unique experience, we’d like to focus on just how common it is to see the fantastic light show from various parts of the world.

You can’t underestimate how ideal Alaska’s weather conditions are in order to see the Northern Lights, which include crisp, cold, clear, and cloudless night skies. Subsequently, other locations within the Northern Lights zone have the right conditions necessary for viewing the lights. These locations fall within the required latitudes of 65 to 72 degrees.

From late November to March, the Northern Lights can be viewed from:

  • The northern town of Tromsø in Norway or the Norwegian Coastal Steamer, Hurtigruten
  • Abisko, Sweden where there is a patch of clear sky along the Torneträsk Lake
  • The town of Luosto in Northern Finland to the Aurora Chalet
  • The open plains of Þingvellir National Park in Iceland
  • Canada’s back country and areas surrounding Lake Superior in Ontario
  • Areas south and east of Greenland
  • Northern Scotland
  • The town of Murmansk in Russia during a cold Siberian winter

What we feel to be the best spot for viewing is of course, Fairbanks, Alaska! Fairbanks has been a particularly popular location for Aurora Borealis viewing for some time now. This is because of the perfect weather conditions as well as being located well within the Northern Lights zone. Alaska also has a serene and tranquil quality that makes staying up late at night worthwhile because there’s so much beauty to behold.

If you have plans to visit The Last Frontier during the months of November to March, be sure to get in contact with 1st Alaska Outdoor School. We are booking tours lined up for Northern Lights viewing that you don’t want to miss, tours which you will never forget!

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