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One World Wonder You Must See: Aurora Borealis

One World Wonder You Must See: Aurora Borealis

Icon April 2, 2015
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Northern LightsAll of us who travel know that when we look at our criteria for a place to go, it needs to have things to do and places to see there. More often than not we choose places like Arizona where we can see the Grand Canyon and enjoy a Diamondbacks game all in the same day. Better yet, let’s take a trip to explore the Mesa Verde and enjoy an outdoor concert at the Red Rock in Colorado instead. Regardless of the activity, we never hear someone say they want to vacation to Alaska.

When people think of Alaska, they think of cold air, snow on the ground, nothing but acreage and open land with nothing to do. However, this stereotype couldn’t be more wrong than the next. On a winter visit to Alaska there is so much to choose from including dog mushing through the snow, sledding, snowmobiling and ice fishing. In the summertime, you can even enjoy sightseeing the beautiful Alaskan landscape, outdoor adventures or just kicking back and relaxing in a hot spring.

Yet, one of the most intriguing opportunities you’ll have when visiting Alaska is seeing one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Aurora Borealis. What some might know as the Northern Lights is located right in Alaska. These beautiful green bands of light are formed in the sky by solar particles in the earth’s atmosphere more than 60 miles away. Witnessing this wonder should be reason enough for a trip to Alaska. Next time you’re thinking of a place to vacation too, remember Alaska’s Northern Lights are waiting for you.



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