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The Benefits of Traveling to the Arctic Circle with a Guide

The Benefits of Traveling to the Arctic Circle with a Guide

Icon June 28, 2013
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AlaskaEver since Sarah Palin ran for Vice President, the great State of Alaska has been in the spotlight in “The Lower 48.” Indeed, tourism to Alaska has increased because so many TV shows have been showing glimpses of what life is like in Alaska.

Wouldn’t it be cool to say you’ve been to the Arctic Circle, and survived? The Arctic Circle isn’t the kind of place you visit on your own, because it’s unlike the suburbs of Buffalo, Houston or Phoenix. In Alaska, you’ve got more wildlife than people, and you need to know how to deal with bears, moose and more while exploring the land. In addition, some of the conveniences you’re used to, like a Starbucks on every corner, aren’t as prominent in Alaska.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to see something different, and feel like you’re in a different world. The 1st Alaska Outdoor School, based out of Fairbanks, Alaska, takes people from out-of-town and acts as their guide to the Arctic Circle, allowing them to view the scenic beauty of the area, without having to worry heading in the wrong direction.

Some of the key places you’ll want to see when visiting Alaska include the mighty Yukon River, the Dalton Highway made famous on History Channel’s hit show, Ice Road Truckers, and the world-famous Trans Alaska Pipeline. Along the way, you’ll see spectacular mountains, and spot animals you don’t normally see in The Lower 48. Best of all, with a guide from 1st Alaska Outdoor School, you’ll get to experience these sights and places with someone who knows stories about them—stories you’d never hear if you just attempted a trip there on your own.

When you’re in a place you’re not familiar with, like the Arctic Circle, it helps to have people around you who know the land, know where to go (and where not to!), and can give you context to help you fully appreciate what you’re looking at. 1st Alaska Outdoor School is ready to guide your Arctic Circle trip, and provide you with a vacation experience you won’t soon forget.

Posted by:Ralf Dobrovolny

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