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Common Misconceptions About The Arctic

Common Misconceptions About The Arctic

Icon August 29, 2013
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The first two things that come to most people’s minds when thinking about the Arctic are cold and snow. But anyone who’s lived, worked, or visited there knows there is much more to the beautiful region. Here are a few examples of things you thought you knew about the land north of the Arctic Circle.


Everything is dead? – Does grass grow in the Arctic? Of course it does. Forests stretch for miles while vegetables and flowers are grown regularly.  Much of Alaska gets less snow than areas of the lower fifty states, leaving plenty of opportunity for some of the most beautiful plant life in the world.


Pitch-black winters? – Many people believe that inhabitants of the Arctic have to deal with total darkness for a large portion of the winter. While it’s true that the sun doesn’t always make its way up, there’s still enough light to accomplish daily activities.


North means cold? – While no one would deny that the Arctic is cold, many believe that the further North one travels, the colder it will get. Yet looking at a map of the world, one can see that this is obviously not true. Temperatures also rely heavily upon geographic features and global weather patterns. Fairbanks, Alaska, where 1st Alaska Outdoor School is located, actually has recorded a record high of 99 degrees Fahrenheit.


Penguins? – Penguins, popularized by movies like Happy Feet and March of the Penguins, are often thought to go hand in hand with cold weather environments. But there are actually no penguins in the Northern hemisphere at all. Penguins can actually survive in warmer climates than many might expect.


It’s time to get over the old misconceptions. Check out the tours offered by the 1st Alaska Outdoor School and experience the wonder of the Arctic firsthand.

Posted By: Ralf Dobrovolny

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