Dog Mushing / Sledding

1- hour     $125.-

We provide transportation for an additional fee of $35.- per person. Please request with reservations.

Best Dog Mushing and Dog Sledding experience in Alaska.

The only means of transportation through the snowy lands of old time Alaska. Today is a fascinating sport and hobby.

Dog Mushing / Sledding is an activity nobody should miss on an Alaska winter vacation.

Dog Sledding


Mushing with fun

All our Dog Mushing / Sledding Tours are designed into a spacious time frame. We do not hurry you in  and out of the sled or run circles on a field but give you a real Dog Mushing experience on trails used by Alaskan mushers. There is plenty of time to make your favorite Dog Mushing pictures and play with our Alaska huskies.


Blanket is provided for our Dog Mushing / Sledding adventures.

Break away, and mush with us into the twilight of the Alaskan wilderness.

Dog Mushing / Sledding

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IMPORTANT: A minimum of 2 people is required for online booking. Single travelers and short notice reservations (within 7 days of tour date) always have to contact us for availability at or 907-590-5900.

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