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Aurora Award For consistently exceptional contributions
to the development and increase
of the local visitor industry.


At 1st Alaska Tours we strive to open Alaska’s nature and beauty to All Alaska Visitors.

Alaska experts designed interesting and educational sightseeing tours just for You.





Northern Lights Tours Alaska

Why do people visit Alaska? This state is so rich in outdoor sites and experiences. Travelers can visit 100 times and never see everything that this beautiful state has to offer.

Alaska’s environments are best discovered with the assistance of local experts. They want to share their love for different ecosystems and climates with visitors. All of that and more is ready for visitors at our tour and sightseeing company.

The next time you find yourself in search of a fun outdoor activity or sightseeing tour, consider taking an outdoor excursion with a professional guide. At 1st Alaska Tours, you will find a company staffed by Alaskan outdoor excursion experts who want to help you make the most of your vacation experience.

On a visit to Alaska, there are many recreational opportunities to choose from. In the winter time you can go aurora borealis / northern lights viewing, dog mushing / sledding, snowmobiling, and ice fishing. In the summer you can enjoy sightseeing, go on outdoor adventures or just relax in hot springs.

Our everyday excursions are affordable for consumers. People just like us all over Alaska make a living by delivering quality outdoor recreational/educational trips to tourists like you. You discover the great outdoors without sweating the details.

Sight seeing in Fairbanks, Alaska will make you ponder what it would be like to live in such a unique part of the world even if you just go outdoors for a single day!

Some recreational / educational companies stand apart for their commitment to customers. They put safety and quality above other considerations like moving customers through a cheap experience. You don’t come to Alaska to find a theme park. At our outdoor school, your individual needs matter.

Visitor Center Tours in Fairbanks Alaska

Come and visit Fairbanks Alaska visitor center tours to enjoy the outdoors. You and your family or fellow travelers, even business colleagues, are encouraged to discover our ecosystems. Let our professionals share the beauties of this wonderful land from the safety of a tour van.

1st Alaska Tours caters to tourists of all ages and demographics. We can help your small group or large group find exciting adventures! Our company proudly delivers Alaskan sight seeing tours throughout Alaska!

If you plan to visit to the Alaskan visitor center for tours, the Arctic Circle from Fairbanks, the Arctic Ocean at Prudhoe Bay Alaska, or the Alaskan Dalton Highway, you can find the arrangements you need right here online!

For more information about booking Alaska Arctic Circle Tours or any of our other tours and sightseeing adventures, please call 907-590-5900.

If you’ve ever wanted to see Alaska, you want to choose our Fairbanks Visitor Center Tours.  We promise to provide you the most affordable, least forgettable Alaskan sightseeing tours available.